Dear friends and supporters of the Kiezhaus,
after careful consideration and decision by the democratically legitimated council in the Kiezhaus, we have to inform you that we will close our rooms until April 19, 2020. Therefore, no events will take place until this date. Regular dates will also be cancelled.

Due to the current situation around the Corona-Virus, we want to fulfill our responsibility for the health of our neighbours and colleagues. After the health care system has been sacrificed to neo-liberal market logic for decades and profit-oriented companies in the health care sector „push themselves healthy“, patients and workers in the care and health sector, including the surrounding work areas such as logistics, cleaning, etc., are falling by the wayside.

With this in mind, we express our full solidarity with the employees in these areas and, in addition to technical equipment in line with requirements, we also demand the re-communalisation of all hospitals and working conditions, free medical care for all and more dignified payment systems!

In view of this confusing situation in the permanent crisis of the health care system, we call for solidarity in the neighbourhoods. Solidarity networks have been founded in numerous districts to support particularly endangered people (so-called risk groups) and not to give space to the instrumentalisation of social questions by fascists.

In Berlin-Wedding, the network „Wedding Solidarisch (Wedding in Solidarity)“ was founded. The link to Facebook and telegram groups for practical neighbourly solidarity can be found here.

Our friends of „Hände Weg Vom Wedding (Hands off Wedding)” also have regular press reviews and other useful information on how to deal with Corona. These can be viewed here.

We hope to be able to welcome you after April 19 in a healthy and combative way and call on you to join the local solidarity networks.

Structures such as the Kiezhaus and other social centres are important places of lived solidarity and must of course continue to be supported collectively.


Social counselling (Sozialberatung) will continue to take place online!
Every Thursday from 15 – 18 o’clock on Skype under the contacts/accounts „kiezhaus“ and „kiezhaus2“.